Essential Survival Equipment

Be prepared for outdoor emergency situations with our life-saving signal smokes – the small but mighty TP40 and the super high output EM55. Need guaranteed fire in extreme conditions? The Ultimate Match is the ultimate fire starter.

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EG Survival

25 Years of Experience

We’re proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of colored smoke products. We’ve been relied upon and loved by professional users for over two decades.


Our innovative Top Pull ignition system is easy to use, safe to ignite, and most importantly, reliable.


Our dense signalling smoke ensures you will be seen when help arrives, even in the toughest environments.


Hopefully you’ll never need to use our products in an emergency. But if you do, you can rely on them to save your life.

TP40 Signal Smoke

The small, powerful TP40 produces dense smoke optimized for visual signalling in the toughest environments.

  • Dense smoke for signalling
  • Easy ignition even with limited dexterity
  • Small, compact and powerful
  • Available in orange
  • 100% waterproof casing

The Ultimate Match

The ultimate fire starter in any conditions. Pull the ring to ignite. The Ultimate Match initially produces 20 seconds of fierce fire followed by 100 seconds of consistent, reliable, flame.

  • 2 minutes of fire
  • Easy ignition
  • Reliable in high winds and rain
  • Water resistant device
  • 100% waterproof casing

EM55 Signal Smoke

A sure-fire signal smoke for larger expeditions with land-based craft. A super high output orange signal smoke visible even through the white smoke of a wildfire.

  • Super high output signal smoke
  • Easy ignition even with limited dexterity
  • Reliable in extreme conditions
  • Available in orange
  • 100% waterproof case


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