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Ultimate Match (3 Pack)


Never let the elements dictate your fire-starting abilities. Ignite in any weather conditions with the Ultimate Match. Your outdoor adventures just got a lot more reliable.

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From icy peaks to the depths of the jungle, the Ultimate Match guarantees fire at your fingertips. A tool designed to light without fail, providing safety and warmth when you need it most.

Say goodbye to carrying multiple fire-starting tools. The Ultimate Match is small, easy to transport, and replaces multiple items.

We’ve taken fire-starting to the next level. The Ultimate Match isn’t just another tool, it’s a breakthrough in outdoor survival technology.

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What makes Ultimate Match different from traditional fire-starting tools?
Ultimate Match is designed for unparalleled reliability with an unstoppable flame. It ignites in any weather condition, ensuring fire-on-demand, and replaces multiple fire-starting tools with its compact, easy-to-transport design.
How does Ultimate Match perform in extreme weather conditions?
Ultimate Match guarantees fire at your fingertips, even in the most extreme conditions.
Is the Ultimate Match easy to carry? Will it add bulk to my gear?
The Ultimate Match is crafted for compact convenience. It’s small, easy to transport, and designed to replace multiple items, allowing you to make room for adventure, not unnecessary equipment.
How does the Ultimate Match contribute to survival situations?
Survival is about making smart choices, and the Ultimate Match simplifies this by making fire-starting effortless, even in the most challenging conditions.
How does the Ultimate Match keep the flame going?
The Ultimate Match has the unique ability to create its own oxygen source, ensuring that the flame stays lit no matter the external conditions. This feature is crucial for staying warm, cooking meals, and signalling for help in emergency situations.
Who is the Ultimate Match designed for?
Whether you’re a survivalist preparing for the unexpected, an outdoor enthusiast exploring new territories, or an emergency responder on a critical mission, the Ultimate Match is designed to be the ultimate companion for every modern adventurer.

Fire-On-Demand: Any Condition

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Customer Reviews

Greg, professional guide
Guide's Trusted Match
In my line of work, reliability isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. The Ultimate Match has proven itself on numerous expeditions. Its ability to ignite in any condition is not just impressive, it's life-saving.
Rachel, adventurer and conservationist
Smart Fire Solution
I appreciate the eco-conscious aspect of the Ultimate Match. It's durable, reusable, and eliminates the need for disposable lighters or matches. It aligns perfectly with my values of minimal waste and maximum adventure.
Chris, father and outdoor enthusiast
Family Camping Essential
Taking my kids camping has never been easier. The Ultimate Match ensures we can quickly light a campfire, keeping the family warm and toasting marshmallows in no time. It's added safety and fun to our trips!
Emma, backpacker
Backpacker's Compact Lifesaver
The Ultimate Match is like a trusty friend – small, reliable, and always there when you need it. It's simplified my backpacking trips by replacing multiple fire-starting tools. Absolutely love it!
Mike, mountaineer
Lightweight Design
At high altitudes, every item in your pack must be justifiable, and the Ultimate Match earns its place. Its lightweight, space-saving design and fail-safe ignition have made it essential in my mountain expeditions.
Diane, emergency preparedness advocate
Emergency Peace of Mind
I believe in being prepared for any situation, and the Ultimate Match fits the bill perfectly. Its compact size is deceiving – the performance is powerful and dependable. It's a must-have in every emergency kit.
Alex, outdoor enthusiast
Reliable on a Rainy Day
I was skeptical at first, but after using the Ultimate Match on a rainy camping trip, I'm sold. The ease of use and reliability in wet conditions was impressive. It's a permanent fixture in my gear now.
Samantha, survival instructor
Instructor's Ultimate Tool
In my survival courses, I emphasize the importance of reliable gear. I've tested the Ultimate Match in various scenarios, and it's never failed. It's not just a tool; it's a survival companion you can trust.
John, avid hiker
Total game-changer
As someone who spends weekends hiking in unpredictable weather, the Ultimate Match has been a game-changer. It's incredibly reassuring to know that no matter the conditions, I can get a fire going in seconds. It's small, but its impact on my adventures has been huge!