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TP40 Signal Smoke


Whether you’re lost, in danger, or need to mark a location, the TP40’s bright orange smoke is your unmistakable call for attention. It’s an essential piece of safety equipment, providing peace of mind where it matters most.

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Engineered for the unpredictability of nature, the TP40 performs flawlessly in diverse environments.

Compact and lightweight, it fits effortlessly into any survival kit, backpack, or emergency pack. Its minimal footprint makes it an easy addition, yet its impact on your safety is profound.

With its simple top-pull ignition, the TP40 is ready when you are. No fumbling, no delay – just a straightforward pull to unleash the smoke and guide rescuers to your location.

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What is the TP40?

The TP40 is a high-visibility signal smoke device from EG Survival, designed for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. It’s engineered to provide a bright orange smoke signal for one minute, ensuring that your distress signal or location can be seen from a distance.

How do I activate the TP40?

The TP40 is equipped with a top-pull ignition system. To activate, simply pull the ring on the top of the device upwards. The smoke will start emitting immediately.

In what situations should I use the TP40?

The TP40 is ideal for any situation where you need to signal your location – whether you’re lost, in danger, or need to mark a specific spot in the wilderness. It’s also great for group coordination in remote areas.

Is the TP40 safe to carry in my backpack?

Absolutely. The TP40 is designed with safety and portability in mind. Its compact size and secure ignition system make it safe to carry in your backpack or emergency kit.

How long does the smoke last?

Once activated, the TP40 produces bright orange smoke for one minute, providing ample time for your signal to be noticed.

Can the TP40 be used in any weather condition?

Yes, the TP40 is designed to perform in various weather conditions. Whether it’s raining, windy, or extremely cold, you can rely on the TP40 to deliver a clear, visible signal.

Is the TP40 reusable?

The TP40 is a single-use device. Once the smoke has been emitted, the unit cannot be reused.

How visible is the TP40’s smoke signal?

The TP40’s smoke is specially formulated to be highly visible. The bright orange color is distinct and while visibility depends on conditions, it can be seen from a considerable distance.

What precautions should I take when using the TP40?

Always follow the instructions provided with the TP40. Use it in an open area to ensure maximum visibility and safety. Do not use indoors or in enclosed spaces. After activation, handle the device with care as it may be hot.


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Customer Reviews

Alex, Paraglider
Safety in the Sky
When paragliding, it’s crucial to have an emergency signal ready in case of a crash landing. It's light to carry and simple to use - exactly what you need.
Nora, Survivalist
Essential Emergency Gear
In survival training, you learn to value reliable gear. The TP40 is top of the list. Its one-minute signal is a game-changer in emergencies.
Liam, Off-Grid Camper
Bright Signal, Peace of Mind
Camping off-grid means being prepared. The TP40 is my peace of mind - it's easy to use, and the smoke is impressively bright. It's the first thing I pack for every trip.
Sandra, Park Ranger
Never Lost with a TP40
As a ranger, I've seen the TP40 in action multiple times. It's effective, reliable, and its bright smoke is visible for miles around on a clear day. It's the best way to ensure you're found, fast.
Dave, Wilderness Guide
Great Little Tool
Guiding tours in the wilderness demands reliable safety tools. The TP40's one-minute bright smoke is perfect for marking locations or signaling in emergencies. It's my top recommendation for anyone's safety kit.
Tina, Climber
Climbing Confidence
Climbing remote cliffs can be risky, but carrying the TP40 gives me confidence. Its bright smoke reassures me that help is just a signal away. It's easy to carry and easier to use. Absolutely indispensable.
Mike, Adventure Racer
Perfect Size
In adventure racing, every ounce matters. The TP40's compact size is perfect. Despite its small size, the signal strength is massive. It's the best balance between practicality and performance.
Jen, Mountain Biker
Quick Signal, Quick Rescue
After a nasty fall in a remote trail, my TP40 was the hero. The top-pull ignition was easy, even with my injured hand. Rescue spotted me swiftly thanks to the clear, bright signal. The TP40 is an essential in my gear now.
Sam, Sailor
Great Visibility
When out at sea, visibility is your lifeline. The TP40's bright smoke cuts through the fog like nothing else. It's compact, easy to use, and incredibly reliable. A must-have for any mariner.
Ella, Backpacker
Life Saver
I never go on a hike without my TP40. Last month, it was a lifesaver when I got separated from my group. The smoke was bright and unmistakable. My group found me within minutes.